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Deluge Valves

DE\EL\PORV-MR - Electrically or Pneumatically Actuated, Manual-Reset Deluge Valve

Electrically or Pneumatically Actuated,  Manual-Reset  Deluge Valve

  • Model 68-DE\EL\PORV-MR
  • Model 30U-DE\EL\PORV-MR

Electrically or Pneumatically Activated, Pilot-controlled Deluge/Pre-Action valve, actuated by the pipeline pressure. The valve is closed in its normal, set position and opens when the pneumatic pressure drops in a gas pressurized pilot-line, releasing a relay, or by an electric command. The valve must be manually reset following automatic actuation. An emergency manual release valve is fitted as standard. 


  • UL Listed
  • Simple structure
  • Manual reset
  • Optional pressure reducing function


Applicable for:

  • Deluge
  • Dry pipe
  • Non-Interlock, Single-Interlock Pre-Action
  • Water, Sea water and Foam
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