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Deluge Valves

DE\PORV-MR - Pneumatically Actuated, Manual-Reset Deluge Valve

Pneumatically Actuated, Manual-Reset Deluge Valve

  • Model 30U-DE\PORV-MR
  • Model 68P-DE\PORV-MR
This pneumatically actuated,manual-reset deluge valve is designed for fire protection systems controlled and actuated by an air or nitrogen dry pilot line. The basic control valve type used in this deluge system is a direct-sealing elastomeric diaphragm, hydraulically operated control valve engineered specifically for fire protection systems.


  • UL Listed
  • Simple structure
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Manual-Reset


Applicable for:

  • Deluge or Single-Interlock Pre-Action type valves
  • Dry pipe
  • Water, Sea water and Foam
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