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Pressure Reducing and Pressure Relief Valves


Pressure Reducing Valve

  • Model 30U-PR\UL

An Automatic, Pilot-controlled, Pressure-Reducing valve, actuated by the pipeline pressure. The valve regulates to a steady, preset downstream pressure, regardless of upstream pressure or flow rate fluctuations. In case of excessive downstream pressure, the valve closes drip-tight.

Pressure rating, adjustment range & features:

  • UL Listed pressure rating up to 375 psi / PN25
  • UL listed downstream Pressure adjustment range 30-165 psi
  • Other certified (non UL) downstream pressure setting range:
    • 2” - 8”: 30 – 360 psi
    • 10” – 12”: 30 – 285 psi


  • UL Listed
  • Superior design featuring low pressure losses at high flow rates
  • Stable regulation from near zero flow to maximum design flow
  • The PR\UL valve regulates at low flow and high pressure differential without bypass or U port design
  • Low lifelong maintenance costs thanks to its unique design
  • Standard Stainless Steel seat
  • Simple field adjustable pressure setting with no special tools or system down time
  • Fresh or brackish water, seawater and foam systems
  • Out-of-the-box fully assembled & tested valves
  • All valve control ports are stainless steel sleeved CF8M or higher for improved corrosion protection

Applicable for:

Water, Sea water and Foam

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