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Series 300 Basic Hydraulic Valves



Dorot Series 300 are automatic, hydraulically actuated, diaphragm operated, globe and angle pattern control valves. The valves are designed for use in fire protection applications, including deluge, pre-action, pressure control, water, foam and seawater fire protection systems. The valves consist of three major components: the body, the cover, and the internal diaphragm assembly.


  • UL-listed with a wide range of control trims
  • Fast opening and soft closing operation
  • Drip-tight hermetic shut off to ANSI FCI 70-2
  • Simple and reliable design
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Double or single chamber
  • High-grade construction materials
  • Stable regulation from near zero flow to maximum design flow
  • Low pressure losses at high flow rates

Optional Features

  • Manual or remote-reset
  • Manual, Electric, Hydraulic, Pneumatic or combinations thereof UL-listed control trims
  • Explosion-proof, SIL redundant solenoids & trim accesories
  • Sea water service, brackish water, foam and others

Series 300 Engineering Data

  Series 300 Engineering Data

Fire Protection Catalog

  Fire Protection Catalog
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